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Viva Hifi

high end audio with an emphasis on analog two-channel stereo


Over 40 years of experience in setting up turntables, phono cartridges, and stereo systems

About Us

Since 2012


Factory authorized dealer for these manufacturers.  

Box Furniture. Hardwood audio component and TV stands. Made in the USA.

Daedalus Audio. Handmade hardwood loudspeakers and isolation devices. Made in the USA.

Gingko Audio. Dust covers, footers, and isolation devices. Made in the USA.

Hana. Phono cartridges. Made in Japan.

Iso Acoustics. Footers and isolation devices. Made in Canada.

Lehmannaudio. Phono preamps and headphone amps. Made in Germany.

Merrill-Williams. Turntables. Made in the USA. 

Ortofon. Phono cartridges, tonearms, preamps, and cables. Made in Denmark.

Parasound. Amplifiers, preamplifiers, and DACs. American owned, made in Taiwan.

PolyTable by GEM Dandy. Turntables and accessories. Made in the USA.

Skogrand Cables. Audio cables. Made in Norway.

Sorane. Tonearms. Made in Japan.

Soundsmith.  Phono cartridges and preamps. Made in the USA.

VPI.  Turntables, preamps, and record cleaning machines. Made in the USA.

WyWires.  Audio cables. Made in the USA.

Zesto Audio. Tube audio analog components. Made in the USA.

Expert setup and installation

Viva Hifi is the FIRST and ONLY Certified VPI dealer in Virginia. and is the only dealer for the Merrill-Williams REAL 101.3 turntable and PolyTable in Virginia. 

Viva Hifi will set up your turntable, tonearm, and phono cartridge in your home. This includes installation, setting important parameters including tracking force, antiskating, stylus overhang, and vertical tracking angle according to the manufacturers' specifications. Satisfaction guaranteed. Reasonable rates for setup and adjustment of units purchased elsewhere.

I can also help optimize your system's performance in your home with a wide selection of cables and isolation devices. Many audiophiles are amazed at the improvement they can get with their current equipment by using better cables and isolation feet under their components.

Better than buying online


You can buy a turntable, cartridge, and cables online and hope they work right. OR, you can have an experienced installer set up your turntable correctly IN YOUR HOME. 

Installation and setup is FREE in the Charlottesville area when you buy from Viva Hifi. We match online prices!




"The Soundsmith Zephyr III cartridge Scott suggested is a great match for our VPI-Dynavector rig, sending a balanced, natural and nuanced signal to our Rogue tubes and Quad speakers. Scott is meticulous and diligent in on-site setup, relying on proper tools and keen ears to supplement his deep experience in high-end audio. Highly recommended." - Sheldan C., Charlottesville, VA

"Scott of Viva Hifi came out today to my office to install my VPI Prime Scout.  All you can expect is top notch and knowledgeable service from first e-mail to installation.  He had me up and running in about an hour and I have been in sonic bliss since. Charlottesville is lucky to have you.  Many thanks!" - Mike A., Staunton, VA

"It was a distinct pleasure dealing with Scott (aka Viva Hifi). He took the time to come to my house to determine what would best fit my setup, recommend something I hadn’t otherwise considered and am quite happy with and, perhaps most importantly, properly assemble the table with careful attention to detail. If you’re looking for high quality/performance of not only the equipment but also the person selling it, do yourself a favor and give Scott a call." - David S., Charlottesville, VA

"Scott knows turntable/tonearm/cartridge combos and how to get the most out of them regardless of the level of investment being made. Having been devoted myself to analog reproduction for nearly 50 years, I'm happy to recommend his services. He’s certainly helped me get the most out of my VPI Prime rig." - Marc P., Washington, DC

"The A95 that Scott installed is mine. He did a great job not only setting up the cartridge, but following up after the initial setup. He also provided helpful tips along the way to maximize my vinyl setup's performance." - Anthony S., Washington, DC

"Worth every penny. And they are reasonable pennies." - Jim R., Annapolis, MD

"As a loyal customer of 3 years, I would like to thank you for your expert advice in upgrading my vinyl audio experience, recommending turntable upgrades, speaker consultations, and amp recommendations. I have really benefited greatly from your personal service and dedication. From solving my record player emergencies on the weekend, through visiting my house to setup new equipment, you have always been there to guide me down the right path to Audio Nirvana. I'm gonna miss having you relatively close to my area, but I will be in touch and hope to see you at future Capital Audio Fests!" - Khalid N., Rockville, MD

Free delivery and installation

Delivery, installation, and setup are included in the purchase price when you buy from Viva Hifi. 

New to Charlottesville

Viva Hifi relocated to Charlottesville from Vienna in March 2018. 

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